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  • What is raffia? Is it straw?
    Raffia is the leaf of the raffia tree, native to Madagascar. It is a huge leaf that is only harvested at certain times of the year, it is then stripped into strands and tied in hanks. It is like straw (in as much as it has been grown), but it is not as brittle and therefore much nicer to work with. It is easy to dye, ideally with natural dyes but it works very well with synthetic also, and is just a great material to craft with and make beautiful durable items.
  • I would like to join a workshop, but I do not have any friends to bring along, can I still join?"
    Of course, I run classes of mixed groups, bringing singles and friends together for raffia fun across the UK. Please do not hesitate to get in touch - if I do not have a class that is suitable for you at the moment, I can add you to my 'waiting list' and get back in touch with you when I have an appropriate group for you to join.
  • We are a group of 6 people who would like to do a workshop with you, but we live a distance from Dorset, will you travel?"
    I am always happy to run a workshop where I can and this can include significant travel. Please get in touch and we can discuss all the options for me running a workshop for you and friends.
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